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[COLOR="LightBlue"]RGC was established by a gamer for the gamer. All types of gamers are welcomed and no tryouts needed. Gamertag change is not required. We are here for you, the gamer. If your looking for a great way to make more Xbox live friends and looking to have fun gaming with new people, than RGC is perfect for you. For the Hardcore: -We currently have Gambattles teams set up where you can compete against others within our community for rewards including MS points and more. -We sponsor several MLG teams for Black Ops, Halo, Gears of War, Battlefield and more! -We also have the Renegades/Rangers and they are the Best of the Best here in RGC, they compete on GameBattles and we also send them to MLG Events. For the Laid Back Gamer: -We have lots of great people who are always looking for more friends to play different types of games with or just to sit back and chat with. For Everyone: -We have a Machinma Team, a Graphics Design team, and a News Team that you can join. -RGC has over 500 active members Worldwide and the numbers keep growing. Make sure your a part of the fastest growing community around today. -We have a Military Type Ranking Structure here in RGC, where you can Rank up and gain more Responsibility. Every Leader of RGC at the Present Moment has started at the Rank of Recruit and Earned their way to the top. When you decide to join, make sure to put RGC KiLLaBee as your referrer and just send a message to RGC KiLLaBee on the website that you have finished your registration. For a YouTube Tutorial on How To Join: Please Click Here: RGCHelp's Channel - YouTube We are not just a clan, we are a community. [/COLOR]