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11th May 2006

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#1 15 years ago

Greetings, are you interested to join a fleet?

So you are playing any multiplayer games alone? If so keep reading.

In the community you are playing in, there are fleets trying to get your attention to join their fleet instead. For what reason do they want you to join their fleet? Because most of them they think they are simply the best or who can offers near 24/7 multiplayer gaming? No fleet would ever be that perfect to not need evaluation of their game tactics if they played so much. To tell you the truth, there exist more fleets that is only looking for the gaming activity then other things like sharing experience with others, become friends, support each other in difficult times, share leadership-, responsibilities-, duties and keep regular basic communication protocols with each other like setup extra gaming activities together etc.

Starfleet is that fleet that was founded the day 15th April, 1998 by Admiral FireFox. We were founded for that purpose as many fleets are founded for, to have fun and play together. We are very special to many fleets out there. We always shows respect, treat each others as adults, not kids. We are open to proposals and to people in other fleets. We are strictly forbidding any childish or teenage behaviors such as: bad language, insults, spamming and any threats within our Officers, any Officers that are abusing the CoC (Code of Conduct) will get punished. We are organized and stay professional to the CoC.

The Chain of Command:

The chain of command provides the control and communications necessary to accomplish the mission. Each level in the chain is responsible for a lower level and accountable to all higher levels. The chain cannot work without loyalty to every level. With loyalty up and down the chain, it is a highly efficient and effective system for getting things done. The key principle is to resolve problems and seek answers at the lowest possible level.

All services of the Starfleet are arranged organizationally to follow this single chain of command concept. This concept provides a clear structure for orders to flow from the highest levels of the military to the most junior ranking soldier, cadet, or marine. Just as important, this same concept allows information, ideas, and complaints to flow upwards from the most junior person to the highest levels.

The Starfleet's organizational structure is modeled on the US Millitary chain of command with the same chain of command concept. This concept allows Starfleet to use the chain of command as an organizational tool for communicating with its membership.

How do we advance and earn our privileges? Basically from day one when you have sent in your oath and requested access to Academy and reported in for duties, at that time you will begin with playing on your specific multiplayer game that you play and what we support. You begin with taking orders from your Academy trainer. He/She will give out orders for you to do. After you graduate from the Academy you will move up to Second Lieutenant; the lowest ranking officer in StarFleet.

Do we earn rewards for what we do? Yes, we will begin having battle report races, where each division does the most complete and correct BR’s as possible. The Division with the most complete and correct BR’s will win a ribbon symbolizing that year their Division won. We have individual ribbons and awards to. Others like the Fleet Admiral Award is one of the highest awards you can achieve.

What if we have problems with anything? Then you should go to your Recruiter if there are any recruitment problems. If it is a personal problem you can go to your CO (Commanding Officer) or your XO (Executive Officer). Even if it is just problems with your game, anyone in your division is able to help you.

Recruiting in Gaming Communities When you find a person in your gaming community that does not have any fleet tags then you may take the opportunity to recruit this person. When you are recruiting it is important to be specific and precise, oh and to be nice to the person, no one will join a fleet with a bunch of rude people. Also when you recruit someone and they stay within the Fleet for a certain amount of time you will earn a recruitment ribbon, which is another award. Recruiting is an important part of keeping the fleet stable and to keep it growing always, growth for our fleet is always a good thing.

Battle Reports Battle reports are an important part to show your activity and dedication to the fleet. If you ever have any problems posting a battle report, such as: you could not meet the quota that your CO wants you to reach, you are having computer problems, or even you are going on vacation. As long as it is a logical reason as to why you couldn’t complete the needed BRs then you are excused, just make sure next time you post even more BRs next time. If you need help posting a BR always ask a fellow officer he/she should be able to help you at anytime.

Intelligence Reports of other Fleets and individuals Intelligence reports are strictly for Diplomatic officers. These reports are for that the Fleet receives information on another Fleet, incase they have declared war, request an alliance, or a treaty. If you would like to become a diplomatic officer it takes a lot of negotiating skills and teamwork with fellow Diplomats from our Fleet and other Fleets. Joining the Diplomatic team could also help you to receive a Diplomatic reward. The individual Intelligence reports are for incase an important person from another Fleet has left, done something wrong, or etc...

Promotions and awards at the end of the month Promotions and Awards are given out to the officers who have been active, done battle reports, and have good conduct. At the time when promotions are posted it is best that you congratulate your fellow officers whether you received a promotion or an award or not. This will show that you are a team player and understand that you must try harder to earn your new rank or earn that award you want. After you have earned a promotion or award you should strive for something even more difficult.

The Gaming division’s official training sessions The training sessions are as follows:

Halo: Sundays at 7:00 PM US Central Time (GMT –6)

Battlefield 2: Saturdays at 6:00 PM US Central Time (GMT –6)

Elite Force: TBA

Armada: TBA

Star Wars: Empire at War: TBA

Bidge Commander: TBA

Starfleet Command Series: TBA

Last summary of what we are, what we do, and how to give it a try StarFleets is a gamming organization that is focused on making sure everyone is having fun, learning new things, and sometimes for entertainment. Which you find a lot of that in us; sometimes the best memories come from when we are all goofing around having fun together. If you would like to try out StarFleets you will find us at Go there enlist and join us!

As a final note we are StarFleets, the one & the only Fleet and we are here to have fun and meet new people!

Sincerely, The Recruitment Department Department CO- Lieutenant Shadow Phoenix Department XO- Marine Captain Bravo

The Admissions Department Department CO- Marine Captain Bravo Department XO- Second Lieutenant Growler

We also support: Armada 1 & 2, Bridge Commander, SFC 3, Elite Force 1 & 2, Starwars: Empire at War, and Starfleet Command Series.

Originaly Written by: Former Lieutenant BeefyNick Edited & Updated by: Marine Captain Bravo - May 2006

Here are some helpfull links:

SF Main Site: SF Forums: SF Join Site:

We also use Teamspeak2 for means of communication ON and OFF gaming activites.

Also, You can find any Amission Officers at these Locations:

When you join our forums, please feel free to PM any of the Admissions OR Recruiting Staff, for comments, questions, or concerns. Thank you

-Strength and Honor [SF] Bravo


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#2 15 years ago

Yeah, Now would be a perfect time to join! Were having a Toureys and a ladder chamionship matches everyday!!:D :bows:

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11th May 2006

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#3 15 years ago

Wassup Ded eye! yup yup, he's right! The Halo Division is conducting a series of Tournament Matches. It's in a ladder format. 1v1s, 2v2s, & 3v3s. Whoever gets to the top of the ladder wins an award. (a ribbon). So yeah, we have a lot of people participating right now, but we NEED more!!! So come on and JOIN US!!:nodding:

Let's go Ded eye, you and me 1v1!! -Bring it!!

so are ya comming??