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#1 13 years ago

clan website is www.myspace.com/topgunsnipers

The Top Gun Snipers are a new halo clan that specializes in "sniper dream team mod8" maps. All members must get x-fire. If u dont have this you can get it at www.xfire.com My xfire name is sixshooter2220. There are no requirements as of now because we are just trying to get people to join and make the clan grow, once we have enough people I will add requirements. With that said, get in now so u dont have requirements. lol. At this moment we do not have any servers of our own, but when we get more members I have one that im getting. For now we just play in any sdt server.My e-mail is [email]topgunsnipers@yahoo.com[/email] Add my x-fire or e-mail me, or if u have a myspace message me.