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1st November 2004

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The Last Snipers - Home

The Last Snipers clan is beginning another wave of recruiting so if you are interested in joining a solid clan for Halo PC and CE... now would be a great time to jump in.

We have 4 Halo servers (3 PC and 1 CE) and a TeamSpeak.

We are careful about who we recruit so we do require an application process. This can be done very quickly however if you contact us on Xfire and apply that way rather than by e-mail. The Xfire to add is rah66jr. This is {TLS}Night's Xfire and you can send your application to him for immediate approval if you would prefer to do it that way. To get the application go to The Last Snipers - Apply To Join {TLS} and copy the form you see posted there. You can also simply follow the instructions on how to e-mail it in if you prefer.

{TLS} has a lot of inner-clan play... on weekends we have inner-clan scrims which amount to some intense competition. Players learn how to work with a team tactically. We do not require that you be an expert in order to join as we have watched player skill increase dramatically from attending these inner-clan scrims. These events are entirely clean gameplay... we use sightjacker to ensure that it stays that way. We do play other clans on occasion and we are now (and already have) beginning to host public tournaments.

Contact Information

The Last Snipers - Home Xfire: rah66jr e-mail: [email]command@thelastsnipers.com[/email]