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[COLOR=royalblue]First off I just want to say thanks for taking time to read this message. My name is SoleOne and I'm leading a mature Halo 2 clan called CR Republic (CR = Critical Resistance). CR is apart of a larger gaming community called AoR (Army of the Republic) that has extremely active clans for Gears of War and Call of Duty 3 to name a few.

I would like to extend an invite to you to try out for our Halo 2 roster, CR Republic. Since some 360 games have increased in popularity, most of our members are know more active in those areas. In response to this decline in membership I am looking to reconstruct our Halo 2 roster. I'm looking for any mature players to help me build up our Halo 2 roster in anticipation for Halo 3.

If you want to play with like minded mature gamers in an organized clan, then is the right place. If you want to play with a community of friends that treats everyone with respect, then this is the right place. If you want to hone your skills as a Halo 2 player with a team of people dedicated to excellence, then this is the right place. And lastly, if you hate playing with cheaters, then this is the right place.

Just send me a PM via this web site, reply in this thread, or send me an email to:


Thanks again for your consideration. See you on live!!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]SoleOne[/COLOR] [COLOR=red][/COLOR]