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#1 11 years ago

Download Links: Halo Custom Edition CMT Single Player V2: CMT Single Player

Discuss and such.

SpV2 has been in production since 2007

This is for Halo Custom Edition only.

This is the CMT public beta build of A10, The Pillar of Autumn. Due to the massive amount of posting of an older leak of this level, we thought it would be a whole lot nicer to release a fresh new beta build for everyone to enjoy. Please respond back to us via my youtube account (Masterz1337), or Modacity and Halomaps forums, with your thoughts and feedback, along with bugs you have encountered. Hopefully, the real deal will be out within several months. This map has always been thought of as the introduction to our mod, and gives a nice tease to the player about what there is to come in the maps that follow.

In regards to the leak, it really doesn't effect us. To the leakers who have been complicit in trying to spam and spread it (Onotix, K23 Kevin), and those claiming responsibility (DEEhunter and Recycle Bin), well shame on you. Whatever response you wanted to get out of us, I'm certain you weren't expecting this. Nothing has changed for us, and you have done nothing but stripped yourself of your only "weapon". For those of you who have been helpful in containing the leak for so long, we as the team want to

thank you, and rewards will be given when it is time.

Enjoy this beta we have prepared for you, and please do provide us with feedback.


To play this map, you either need a UI with SP enabled, or it can be booted through console. When booting through console, using the command map_name a10 will load it on normal. The mod was really designed to be played on heroic, so if you would like to change the difficulty

before typing in map_name type in

game_difficulty_set easy/normal/hard/impossible


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#2 11 years ago

Wow, this is probably the greatest news for Halo CE modding scene in quite a while now. Time to dust off that that copy of Halo CE.


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#3 11 years ago
Time to dust off that that copy of Halo CE.

Heck yes. (from under that rather thick layer of dust)