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21st August 2009

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#1 11 years ago

Hello, I've been thinking about getting Halo 2 for Vista (there is, it seems sonething good about Vista:rolleyes:) and I was looking into its features, one of which is the map editing. At first I thought this would be an editor like the one in UT2004, but I found out the actual mapping takes place in 3DsMax. So I did a quick price check on 3dsmax and....... its $3495.:Puzzled: Im not paying 3000 bucks so I can edit a game. Does anyone know if I could use gmax instead of 3Ds? And if not, is there anything out there that will do what I need? Thanks in advance, Algeron5


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26th October 2007

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#2 11 years ago

Don't quote me on this because I really don't know about H2V modding, but there may exist gmax plugins/maxscripts to export it into whatever format H2VEK uses. Check on the h2v section of Halomaps and on those forums.

However, by experience from mapping Halo Custom Edition which uses a similar editing kit, I've found that gmax really can't compare with 3DS. So many features are just weaker or not present, such as crummy animating support, no rendering, textures can't be seen, etc. Which is why I use 3DS :D


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10th February 2004

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#3 11 years ago

It def looks like it can be done.

But an older version of 3dsmax say ver 6 on a limited version might only cost $300 or so. That might be something you could look into. It might seem a significant investment, but modeling software next to Photoshop CS3/4 would probably be your BEST investment for PC modding of ANY sort whether it be Halo, Half Life, UnrealTourney, etc and even upcoming games like Crysis 2, Mass Effect 2, etc. 3d creation software lets you CREATE something... weapons, vehicles, architecture. Better to get a handle on professional modeling software than play catch up later on when you later get your hands on professional software like 3dsmax 2010 or Maya 2010. If you were serious about modding or just HELPING MOD teams advance with your modeling skills I would save my pennies for professional software and just jump in and start modeling!!

If you have basic modeling questions pop over to my thread... its in my sig link