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#1 13 years ago

For those who want models, contact me and give me your best laid out concepts from all angles of what you want I will model it for you, unfortunately I cannot skin it... If you want a map, vehicle, weapon, door, scenery, grav lift, platform, or destructible or moveable scenery, contact me via email>>> [email="Stridervcore@hotmail.com"]Stridervcore@hotmail.com[/email] those who want top quality should have patience, and as I said from above... I can't skin... I will find someone who can, that would also take time... If you want I can give animations as well... contact me if you wish to have any of the above modelled... I can do the unthinkable sometimes, so try to think of that too if you want me to do it, ;) :lol: submittions will be sent by the one who made the concept. Current projects nearly done: ...Vertigo City ...StarFox N64 Mod ...Open Field Medival Mod NOTE: I will make the models, it is up to you to decide what to do with them... NOTE 2: Submitting the work will be done by the conceptor, but give credit where credit is due...