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#1 13 years ago

ok, ive always been able to put mods on my games for people. but i wanted to make my own, crazy, insane mods. i have two computers-a XP and a Vista xp is the only mod available one. i downloaded all the programs-HMT, HHT (I cant get to work), and SparkEdit. i checked out tutorials and did what they wanted me too. with HMT i did fine i was just a bit confused. im not sure whyy i need to apply the sparkify and undo sparkify .ppfs but i did (sparkify to an extra backup) and tried to open it. it only said -Compiling Tag Relations- for a time, or an error came up (some tools>options thing). and ppf-o-matic was wrong too- sometimes it would say bad image file or something. when i was done, my server wouldnt load, saying "Gathering Exception Data" when i haad only increased pistol zoom! and when i saw a modded map in SparkEdit it was white with boxes! i need help! :(:confused::(:confused::(:confused::(:confused:


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#2 13 years ago

wait, are you talking bout trail, cuz then sparkify is only for that. I think...(correct me if i am wrong someone) the box thing mite be the view/ detail. check that. for zoom, compare it to sniper to see how it works, and i dont think you can have more than 3 lvls of zoom.


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#3 13 years ago

You can have more then three. Ive had 5. It got annoying