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This is where I will post my WIPs. The map I am currently working on (with the help of Mythril) is called survival. I'm working on scripting and population, while Mythril works on models (with some from Advancebo). For those unfamiliar with the concept, survival is a sort of gametype where you are in an area, and a 2 minute timer starts on your HUD. Hordes of enemies will charge at you, and your goal is to kill as many as you can before time is up. Once time is up, the enemies disappear, the HUD displays the number of enemies killed and what reward you receive for that. Gameplay/Level Flow: The player starts in a crashed pelican. Your objective is to assassinate the prophet, and a fleet of pelicans were sent, but they were shot down by Covenant AA and you are the sole survivor. Soon, the 2 minute Grunt round starts. Rewards for Grunt round will be human weapons. This takes place on the exterior of TnR. He moves up the plateua, where the 2 min Jackal round starts. Then he sneaks into a phantom just as it takes off for High Charity. Small cutscene starts, showing the council chamber on High Charity. Inside is a prophet giving some speech about how the humans must be destroyed. A Zealot then marches out of the council room, followed by 2 Ultras and 8 SpecOps. Then, the camera cuts to a phantom as it lands on one of the landing pads (see above). The player sneaks out, and proceeds into High Charity. Then, to the right and left platforms, hordes of Elites rush in as the 2 minute Elite round starts. Rewards for this round will be Covenant weapons of power. Once the 2 minutes end, a Banshee will fly over and land near the player, and a Zealot will climb out. Once he is obliterated, the player will get into the Banshee, and a cutscene will start showing him flying onto the ledge outside the council chamber. Once he is there, the ultimate 2 minute round will start, as Grunts, Jackals and Honor Guards attack you from all sides as well as the prophet. If you don't kill the prophet in 2 minutes, an additional cutscene will show reinforcement guards coming in and killing you. If you kill him within two minutes, your objective is accomplished and you'll have to escape High Charity. Weapons and stuff: -I'll be using a custom weapon set. More updates later, I'm still finding tags. -Doan's Grunt and Jackal, and BP's Elite and Heretics. I'll post a vid of an early beta of the 2 minute grunt round soon, I'm tackling some stuff with firing positions first. Some pics to keep you occupied (of the BSPs) Still WIP, wait sapien_2009-07-01_16-50-23-60.bmp




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This looks nice. I like the high charity look to it.

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