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#1 10 years ago

Hello , i have a few questions about modding Halo Combat Evolved PC.

1. Lets say i wanted to change the skin of a gun. How would i do that? Where are the gun files located? Is there a tool that would make it easy? Could I change a marines skin?

2. Is there a limitation on what I can change? Lets say i wanted to script a jetpack like on halo reach could I do that?

3. Could i add a new game mode? Like copy the campaign make a new button on the main menu and edit the campaign to make my game mode?

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#2 10 years ago

Changing skins is relatively easy. You'll need HMT (Halo Map Tools) v3.5, available at, and some way to edit .DDS textures, maybe with Photoshop, or the DXTBMP tool with Paint.

With HMT 3.5, you can access all the textures and extract them to edit them, and then re-inject the finished texture.

As for jetpacks and new game modes, you'd have to ask someone more advanced at this than I am. =p