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#1 9 years ago

Well, i made a skin for the cyborg guy in the trial editon of Halo PC. it all went wrong and everything was a disaster though. Is therre anyway I can change it back to normal or get the original skins back somehow? I tried wiping out the game files and reinstalling it. No help. PLUS a program that replaces my maps with the originals. No luck. I used HMT. HELP PLEASE!



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31st March 2007

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#2 9 years ago

Most modding/skinning models ask you to create backups before attempting anything. Had you made backups earlier, this situation would never have arised.

Anyways, solutionwise, In the maps folder(C:\Progra~1\Microsoft Games\Halo Trial\maps), the is what you'll need to replace. Ask a friend for a original and copy-paste it into the maps folder. Overwrite. Then run up Halo.

If this fails, uninstall, then reinstall Halo Trial. Most people make the mistake of just reinstalling or deleting the files manually, then reinstalling. This doesnt help anything. You have to uninstall first.

Reply whether that helped.