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30th June 2006

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#1 12 years ago

I have been Playing Halo Daily for about 2 Months, I always start my Own server and always runs smooth. No troubles. Last Night I Unistalled my Video Drivers and Tried tp dpwnload an Updated Driver. The Updated Driver I installedDid not work. So, I uninstalled Driverer. And reinstalled the Original Driver. This Morning I Came to Jump on Halo and I,I started my Server, Had a Fella join, after 2/3 Kills Halo Shut down and Said Buffer error!! I rebooted my Computer, Started the game up. Loaded my server and Waited about 2 mins b4 someonejoined. As soon as the Joined Halo frooze solid. I went to try and get on someone elses server, and was unable to join. So I decide i would try my server again one more time. Opened server 4 people joined right away after the first person got shot, It frooze Again. Any idea's on wtf is happening? I am scared for my PC's Life becuase it happens again and Im throughing out the dam window!!! Thanks -Midian

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18th November 2004

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#2 12 years ago

Throwing your computer out the window is a bad idea. I can tell you now, that won't fix your problem. :p

I recommend reinstalling Halo and the dedicated server program again from scratch, then updating everything to the current version. Lots of simple problems can be solved by a software reinstall.

And it would probably get a bit more attention if I :moved: it to the Halo Problems, Errors, and Help forum. Done!


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9th January 2006

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#3 12 years ago

Perhaps the problem may be that you touch your self at night too much...or... there may be something else that u may have installed that seems to conflit with Halo...i reccommend to system restore to an earlier point where it was working if you like 8 months ago or soething..try like a week or 2 back if u rmb it working then...DONT do this unless u have INSTALLED SOMETHING U REALLY NEED....cuz u may have to do it over again....

oh and btw....i was joking bout the touching sure u keep it in