Graphic trouble with both Halo and Halo CE (PC) -1 reply

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#1 10 years ago

Recently, I was playing online and I got killed by a covenant artillery turret on the map extinction. Now, whenever I play, I get these bursts of noise (the visual kind) across my screen randomly. It looks like everything is tearing and rays of colors, usually white, pink, cyan, and other bright colors, streak across my screen all at the same time. Quite often this leaves me blind to what is really going on as it happens for random amounts of time. Anymore, this is most likely to happen when driving a warthog, or looking at a dark area. I have not been able to catch a screenshot of it. Please note that I have not once changes any graphic settings or anything since I started playing it on this computer 4-5 months ago. I did, however, update my graphics drivers and directx. I have fully updated directx 9.0c. could that be the problem? that I need 9.0b instead?

I'm getting kind of desperate here since this is not the only game this happens to me in. (The other game is Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood after updating to 1.4.1) Also note that this started in my other game before I updated drivers and while Halo was working perfectly