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#1 10 years ago

Im new to the Halo Custom Edition Multiplayer online gaming, and so I have been trying to download and install this program for days. [COLOR=red]As I beleive, I have downloadedHalo CE in Download.com[/COLOR][COLOR=red], which is supposed to contain good quality downloadable files.[/COLOR] Now I have installed Halo CE and a few maps. It works perfectly. [COLOR=red]The problem is after finding the Halo CE hotfix 1.07 and Manual Patch and downloading it to my computer ( I found both these downloadables in Microsoft.com ) I cant upload it!!! My Halo CE keeps on saying that there's an error and that I need to reinstall the game!!![/COLOR]:uhh: Tell me if this is a Halopatch problem or if it's a Halo CE prblem, and if I have to reinstall it, plz show me a better website than download.com, if there's any


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#2 10 years ago

Like I said before this really isn't the place to post if you need help, your best bet for help would be here. By the way, Welcome, great to have you with us.