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#1 13 years ago

heyy i been searching through the forums and i have had no help on my problem although there was one but there was no help - and it wouldnt let me post on that thread. a couple of weeks ago i uninstalled my HALO combat evolved game - it was working fine. but when i tried installing it again on the setup bit its all installing then gets to 87% then an error message appears sayin- "Halo setup encountered a disk error while writing to the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\maps\sounds.map. Make sure you hard disk is not full, and that the file is not in use." what is the solution to this problem and the thing that makes the problem worse is that my my hard disk is not full. (from my opinion its summin to do with the sounds.map odviously lol) i been tryin to fix this problem for about 5hours now :mad: any help will be greatly thanked :bows: