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16th June 2008

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#1 10 years ago

i was playing 342 guilty spark. At the end of the level comes guilty spark, he teleports you and you hear Echo-114 saying: i lost your signal, ...blablablh

When the next level loads (the library), my pc blocks (screen turns black and i hear some flood sounds). I wait a while but nothing happens, so i push ctrl + alt + del and close halo. When i start agian, i want to play the lib, so i go to new game and select the lib (i played the game before so it's unlocked) select heroic and click ok. Nothing hazppens, i try other levels and difficulties but nothing happens except it loads guilty spark, but i already played the level and i don't want to ply it agian.

Maybe this is some normal thing that prevents players to skip a level? or my ass-dumb computer chrashes agian Help! N00bs3R thanks in advance