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#1 16 years ago

I've lost my CD cover for Halo Combat evolved, but backed it up and use it without the CD. I've downloaded the FREE Halo Custom Edition but it's asking me for my original registration code for Combat Evolved. Is there any way I can recover the Serial used in my installed version from the installed files?

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#2 16 years ago

well, just from experience, people who "lose their CD Key" are really just wanting one because they pirated a copy of the game... I dont know much about Halo or what's free and how authentic your story is, but I'm just saying no one here will give you a CD Key.

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#3 16 years ago

If a CD key exchanges hands under watch of the GF admins, you can bet there will be trouble. Just be careful...

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#4 16 years ago

Try MS tech support...they may help you: / I had some driver trouble and they helped me:D

Maybe you can try



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#5 16 years ago

You should try sending them a picture of your receipt and box or something. You can probably email them ask what they need. Usually its like a copy of the proof of purchase and reciept, and they will mail you a new Serial Key. Btw Moved


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#6 16 years ago

e's not asking for anything illegal. He bought the game, and has already put the Key in. Now he wants to know how to get it back out.

Just dig through your registry. It should be in there. A PID code or something like that.

I learned that by trying to figure out how to change it, to play a Lan game with my brothers. Doesn't work online, So it worked perfectly. :nodding:

I'm spoiled, I am not gonna buy 3 copies of a game, at $30 buck a peice. Just to play it at 24 FPS in a 10/100 LAN multiplayer game.

I don't have the game installed anymore, so I can't dig throught my registry to tell you how to find it.

HKEY_Local Machine/Software/Microsoft/