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#1 11 years ago

Ok, at first, sorry if anyone put a thread like this, or if I didn't reed the "Read First". I just want a quick answer to my problem! I've been creating this account for this problem, so just answer it with respect instead of saying: "noob" or sending me to another place which will use usefull time. All I want is an answer to my problem, and do it at my Email: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] Now here's my problem: Each time I'm trying to join a game, it say: Unable to join the server. Look! I've performed all these steps: -It's not a problem of the Halo PC, because I'm actually using Halo CE -I've checked my firewall and autorised the access to it! -I've checked the ports for the connections, 80, 2302 and 2303. To not forget, I've put it into T1/LAN setting so 16 players can join me(don't worry, I've also tested it with the other settings!) -I've tryed to download the hot-fix 1.07, but I got a 1.09, so I guess I'm in better conditions!!! -I've tryed to check the internet connection, but it seams ok! Now, after trying all these steps, I'm still unable to join any games in halo CE. Don't worry, the game I'm trying to join ARE game that contain maps I got. (No duh I don't have bloodgulch!:p) Anyone might know what problem I got? If so just send me an Email at the email adress above!

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#2 11 years ago

First, have you got a legit cd key? Second, nobody here will mail you, you'll have to check the thread for answers.


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#3 11 years ago

For the mail thing, I've already setted it so I can see it via my email if someone as replyed to it. And also, by the CD key, you mean the 25 letters and numbers they ask you to put for the setups? I already used it as my setups, for Halo PC and Halo CE, but what else could it do?!