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#1 11 years ago

i hav a pirated copy of halo and i hav nade a lan between my laptop & desktop i set one as server but other client is not able to join bcause it gives mesage " ur CD key is not valid " is there`s any solution to this prob


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#2 11 years ago

No. See below:

Pethegreat22;3572120 First they are highly illegal. Microsoft charges people with hacks and warez for halo to the fullest extent. THis means you will spend several years in prison and pay about $100,000 in fines to Microsoft. If you want to play the game, buy the game! Here is a list of retailers you can get the game from, only $12! lost your existing CD and need a new one? too bad! I'm sorry you lost yours, but we can't legally help you, other than telling you to buy a new copy. Also the File Front Forums prohibits the discussion of hacks, warez, and no-CD patches/cracks. These are the rules the admins have put down regarding this, quoted directly from the FAQ: Quote: Warez & Piracy Requests for warez and warez links will be treated as piracy. This includes requests or provision of CD keys, cracks, serials, and pirated software or movies of any kind. The promotion of peer-to-peer client software is also strictly forbidden. Any member found to be breaching this guideline, will be banned from Gaming Forums permanently. Don't ask or you will get banned permanently!

Forum rules: no piracy. GF does not support it. You can pick up a legal version from ebay for as little as $10. Amazon sells it new for $20. See below:

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#3 11 years ago


We do not allow the discussion of pirated or ripped or cracked games of any sort under any circumstances.

And it's a common sense issue anyway. If it says your CD key is not valid, that means it's not valid because it's an illegitimate copy. Now please take your illegit ass out of my forum. There's a place for people like you, here. :nodding: