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30th June 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Havind trouble using sv commands sometimes running my server. For example when I use sv_ban USER, maybe 5 - 10 % of time i get incorrect function, I try on server occasions to try and ban after then and still get the same messaage I am sure i Type name correct and and command right, is this normal. Also wanting to know if anyone has a list of the sv Commands - Midian

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18th November 2004

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#2 12 years ago

This is probably just common sense, but...are you trying to ban people in servers that aren't yours? You can only kick/ban from a server when YOU are the host. Are you putting an underscore after ban? It won't work if you do sv_ban_player. It has to be a space, so sv_ban player. If that's not the problem, try banning by index instead of name. Type sv_index and it will bring up a list of players in the game, and shows a number next to each one. That number is the player's index. So, if you have 3 people in your game, Player A, Player B, and Player C, then the sv_index command should give them each a number, for example: Player A - 1 Player B - 2 Player C - 3 Now, you can ban by index instead of name. That means, instead of typing sv_ban Player B, you can just do sv_ban 2. That's really handy when people use the non-standard characters in their names with all the insane keyboard codes. As for the list of console commands useful for running a server...