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#1 13 years ago

Hey,i am tring to make a mod for Half-life its caled: DX ''project''.


Me and my friends are thinking to make a Dragon Ball z mod for Half-life.

Like the ESF mod take a look at it: www.esf-world.com or www.esforces.com .havent got a chanse to bilt my website...but it will comme:nodding: Are Team is not that good , we have only 3 members in the team,we need more members in are team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- visit: http://www.valve-erc.com/content/?page=utilities .:deal: 1)We need a good modeler-skiner. [color=darkred]Half-Life Model Viewer ([color=darkred]direct download) [color=darkred]MilkShape3D[/color] ([color=darkred]direct download[/color]) [color=darkred]Smdlexp.dls[/color] - model exporter for 3DS Max 3.1 Models For looking at or editing/creating models, there is really only one place you need to go: [color=darkred]chUmbalUm-sOft[/color]. If you only need to view models, the Half-Life Model Viewer will get the job done well. It's an OpenGL accelerated mdl viewer that allows you to view all of a models animations and different model settings (guns, etc). You can also export and import skins, allowing you to give models a custom look.

If creating or editing models is your thing, you'd do best to check out MilkShape3D (which, I should add, has nothing at all to do with shaping milk). This program has all the features necessary to edit or create models for Half-Life and many other games. If you're using 3DS Max 3.1 to create models, you'll also need the newer model exporter plugin, Smdlexp.dle, linked below. 2)We need a maper. (you will need new DBZ Textures/WADs ) Valve Hammer Editor The first place you need to start is the editor. Formerly known as Worldcraft, the Valve Hammer Editor is your main and best choice for Half-Life and Half-Life mod mapping. (I'm a little biased, ya think? :uhm: ) Hammer 3.4 is the newest version. It requires that you have a video card capable of rendering in OpenGL.

[color=darkred]Valve Hammer Editor 3.4[/color] Download it, try it. And you will need:[color=darkred]Zoner's compile tools[/color][color=darkred] .[/color] Heres a maping Tutorial [color=blue]its easy to lern: http://www.egir.dk/index.php?page=vhe_start/vhe_start_eng.htm .

[/color] 3)Ok,and finally we need a coder. (you need a copy of visual 6 C++) The SDK If you plan on writing up a mod, you'll need the game code aka the Half-Life SDK. The Half-Life SDK comes in two versions -- full and source-only. If you do not require any example material, the source-only version is recommeneded, as it's much smaller than the full install. Full information can be found at the link below.

For information and tutorials on coding, see the [color=darkred]Handy Vandal's coding section[/color] -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want more info cotact me at : [email="Doomx16@msn.com"]Doomx16@msn.com[/email] . and my dx-mod email adresse is: [email="dxmod01@msn.com"]dxmod01@msn.com[/email] . thanx:D [/color][/color]