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14th July 2004

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#1 14 years ago

A fast upcoming mod. High Expectations and WILL be completed.

Reality check is up and going. ---

Its around the 3rd world war. Future. Two commanders want control of the army... and they split into to halfs. Project 46 F610

They are at war with each other. Marines vs Marines. Futuristic but very realistic. Easy gameplay but many features.


There is more, but that is just a quick basis.

Reality-Check is well on its way. For more ares of RC to be worked on and completed we need more people wanting to help out and be on the team.

Currently what is needed is;

--> Modelers. (any types) --> 1, or 2 Mappers. --> Skiners.

realty-check's site is close to completion and will be constantly updated.

Reality-Check is sponsored by;


A Hl/steam server selling company who sell game servers and webhosting and cheap cheap prices.

HLCW our Reality-Check's Offical Sponsor. With the help of HLCW RC will have a great chance at being playied. With Futuristic but realistic weapons and game play. you'll get the easy cs, sneaky ns, and boom from dod.

We are also looking for potental Beta testers as it is already playable. Please contact or reply to this with a spec. You will be taken on :D

Please dont critisise it because havent seen what its like, and i havent fully given detail, but think of hmm... like i said, great game to play, CS, Booms from DOD and models like HALO

I really think it will do well, and people at HLCW do so


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5th January 2003

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#2 14 years ago