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#1 13 years ago

for some reason on all of my internet games. I always get connection problem errors. On Diablo 2 I just get constant lag so bad that I cant even play, on Battlefield 2 I get a error that says, There is something wrong with your connection. On all of my steam games sven coop,dod,half life I get the error Bad connection. Now I have contacted my internet service provider and the guy said that he threw packets at my modem and every single packet went threw my modem and went back to him he said he didnt lose 1 packet. He said he has never had that happen before that sometimes he wont always get all the packets back but that its very good that he got every single one back. He said it shows that he cant see anything wrong with our connection what so ever. I run spyware and virus scans all the time so I know for sure that is not it. I told him I run scans all the time and never find anything but a few things. So I asked him what else he thinks might be causing these erros and he said that there has't to be a program in the background that is taking up alot of my resources. Well the guy who built my computer for me is a guiness at pc's and the last time I was at his house for him to reformat my pc because I do not know how he said that he put a program on my pc were he can check on my pc whenever he needs to to see if there is anything wrong with it and if there is he can just fix it threw that program so I wouldnt havet to take my pc over to house. Iam almost positive that program is the thing that is taking up all my resources and causing lag on my games. I have no idea what the name of the program is or the file or anything. I have went to my control panel and then the add/remove programs file numerous time and I dont see anything out of the ordinary. I have also pressed control alt delete many times to see if I can find it and no luck there. I dont know if you guys can help me or not but maybe you can give me advice he is the only one that I know that knows how to reformat pc's and I dont want to go back to him if I have a choice. Well thx for taking the time on reading my post. ttyl. Ok while iam playing I will get Warning: Connection Problem. Then I exit out of game and the error says. Program Error. hlds.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program. An error log is being created. lol so do I delete hlds and then run update again or what. I just got server running again yesterday I havent had it running since winter time. lol maybe you guys can figure this out. thx P.S. also I had hlsw running on my server when this error happened and this is what hlsw said in console. hlsw is a admin program for admins to monitor a server without being in game for the ones who didnt know what it was. [META] ERROR: Couldn't find game entity 'teledeath' in game DLL 'svencoop' That one stuns me. Sorry I typed so much....... P.S. I just downloaded the new Half Life 1 patch and still no luck it did the same thing.