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#1 13 years ago

I'm Iceman, leader of the multi-gaming clan Phoenix Xtreme. :nodding: I am currently looking for individuals, or groups, interested in having a HL2 or Team Fortress division hosted by our clan, or looking to lead a division in HL2 or Team Fortress. |PX| is a very easy-going clan, and our rules are pretty straight-forward, but our biggest rule is that we accomodate and work around the rules of each of our divisions, since we understand that each game is its own universe with its own rules, and we don't pretend to change that. If you are currently a leader of a small clan that plays strictly HL2 or Team Fortress that needs a more permanent home, and even more backup from a stable membership, or if you even have a large group that wants even more stability, then I would be HIGHLY interested in talking to you about the possibility of having your group hosted by my clan. It is NOT my goal to try to change your inner workings, such as ranking, regulations, and ESPECIALLY NOT your name, but mainly I am looking to expand our gaming community, and make it more diversified by adding other games. If this interests you in any way, don't hesitate to contact me, Iceman, at: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] also you can check out our website: Phoenix Xtreme - ForumNews