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#1 14 years ago

SE is recruiting for players of med/high ability for css...

stealth encounter is a new British clan .We will accept players from other countries, however it would be best if the players are in europe so they dnt hav to get up at 6am to come to training

We are a clan that is emphising on the players themselves not on the higher ranked players. Our clan takes the game seriously but still has fun during gaming and on forums.

Other games may be added to our clan if there is enough interest in them to be played in the clan.

The Clans aim is to play games and also to have fun. Tournaments and clan wars are held every month or so and all players have a chance to play in them.

Our forums website is: Email: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

If you have any questions please dnt hestitate to ask me... you can contact me via msn or email (above)