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25th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Zone of Ultima is a multi-gaming clan on Counter Strike: Source. We are now recruiting. ZoU has two CS:S active, dedicated, lag free clan servers and a dedicated Teamspeak server. Our goal is to provide a fun, fair, and friendly gaming enviroment to our members. Working as a team and have the ability to trust the person beside you is important to success. ZoU seeks mature, active, and dedicated members. The required age to join is 16+, and you must show that you are mature. We look for personality in our members rather then skill. We are a multi-gaming clan and we like to play with one another on different games, so to recruit someone based on how good they are in one game doesn't make sense. ZoU has a one clan only policy. To see more information on how to join please visit our site, server information is also there aswell. If you are intrested please sign up on our forums and read the information on the JOIN section of our website. Sevtron Zone of Ultima Admin