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26th July 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Hello. My name is Michael Lammie, and I am in the process of building a development team that will work on a HL2 modification named Archaic Abbey.

The Game Overview and Design Document currently stands at 16 pages and is as detailed as I would like it to be at this moment in time without an actual team backing me. If you would like to see the design document, simply request it and I will send it to you. I am a proven game developer with a published title under my belt. The following is a list of past projects I have completed:

Primeval: Wrath of Entropy [Game Design]

I was brought in to assist in the design of this game. It had aspirations of becoming a MMORPG when I first joined. While working with them, it was determined that a MMORPG was not realistic at that point in time. The decision was then made to develop the prelude, a strict RPG with most of the same gameplay aspects that were conceptualized for the MMORPG. My consultation was completed at that point, and they are now in alpha stages. The game engine is near completion and a tech demo is finished. I am still part of their community and provide my input from time to time. My main areas of expertise in this project were: Game Design and Storyline. I wrote a good portion of the lore and history of the land of Maz'Rahn.

StrifeShadow (Ethermoon Entertainment)

This project was completed some time ago. It is published and sold commercially across the United States. It's a multiplayer RTS game that is played using the GameSpy online game service. I was friends with the project leader. One of the graphic artists was a neighbor of mine here in Pittsburgh. This can be considered my first experience in the gaming industry. I assisted as a PR and Community assistant for some time. I experienced all aspects of game development, from generating the idea to getting it published and sold on shelves. This title was also a finalist at the annual Independent Games Festival in 2001.

The following is a very brief overview of the project as stated in the design document:

In the world of the Archaic Abbey, religious sects are forced to fight for their Holy Land, a land free from military occupation. Yet it is this land, and the land surrounding it, that suffers from cultural self-destruction as a result of the constant warfare that has never eased its grip since such a crisis began so many decades ago. As a member of one of these insistent guerilla religious groups, the player must assist in the marathon of a battle that lies before them. Unique and exciting gameplay elements, a well descript storyline, and a vast feature-set allow for an experience that pushes the limits of the Source engine.

This modification is being developed in the hopes that well-designed experimentation pays off by enabling an experience that reaches far beyond that of other competing modifications. With the free reign an independent modification project brings, features left out of commercial games for fear of unpopularity will be unveiled. We will be avoiding the repetitive, no plot, no advancement deathmatch that is seen in some of the most popular games. Popularity will not be achieved by following the precedent set by the Counter-Strikes of the industry, but rather it will be achieved by releasing a new product that makes the refinements necessary to create a new gaming experience.

Players will wage battle in the streets by attempting to accomplish a series of missions in a number of locations during the course of a campaign. A variety of gameplay modes are available to expand team and individual strategies and skills. This is not a contest to see who has the quickest trigger and best accuracy; it is a game that will test a much broader range of skills. It is also a game that rewards playing to one’s own strengths as a number of different gameplay styles are available for players of all skill levels. Know yourself, customize your character, choose the correct weapons, and you may be on the path to greatness.

With the enhancement of the Source engine comes the ability to utilize larger maps and larger worlds. Large, yet fallen and broken, cities will act as the battleground for those who fight for their own cause. Within these vast areas are a large number of NPCs that lead to opportunities for individual missions and rewards. But don’t ignore the opportunities that fall before you, because any help could improve your rankings among those who play against you. Your player history will enable the community to view your statistics, and may force your opponents to either fear you or confide in themselves.

The community that follows a modification and the content provided following release are vital to the life and longevity of a modification’s popularity. The work is never over and game development never stops as long as a game is active. Since this is the case, we hope to be working on this project for a long, long time.

I do not have a public website as of right now. In the not so distant future one will become avaliable. I do have a development website and forum up and running.

I am looking for the following people to assist me with this project:

- Programmers - Concept Artists - Character/Weapon Modellers Other positions may be open in the future as development progresses. If you would like to keep in touch or follow the Mod's development, we have the IRC channel #archaicabbey on QuakeNet. You may email me, PM me, or reply here if you have any questions or are interested in joining the team. Thank you for your time and consideration. ::BlueWave