BIG PROBLEMS with custom map, even windows xp damage -1 reply

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21st April 2003

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#1 16 years ago

yesterday something very stranges did happen to my pc. i was testing for the 3th time my second sp-map. this second map was not so different form my first hl2 sp-map, but for some odd reson my pc was frozen. the last sound that was played did keep repeating in a very short sound. i couldn't do anything and only ctlr+alt+del could get me out of there. i controled the map in the editor for errors but there where none. so i tried to play the map again but after just 1 or 2 minutes the same thing did happen and now even ctrl+alt+del could get me out of there. the only thing left to do was to restart my computer but after doing this my windos xp installation was damaged and only by installing windows xp again with all my drivers etc was it possible to use my computer again. i could not even start windows in safe mode, the message i became was that windows was damaged! i know, this sounds to strange for words but it is the trueth. i have spent the hole day today to do so. now i'm not the only one, a friedn of mine, baltic.forever had the same problem with a sp-map of him, he did write about it; --------------------------------------------------------------------- It's strange that you were having problems with your screen freezing, because I was having the same problems with my HL2 test map. It would play for a few seconds and then would freeze. I could hear a short sound coming from the speakers just after the screen froze. The problem was that the game was trying to access memory that it couldn’t read. Windows would sometimes report that the graphics drivers caused the freeze and that I should obtain the latest drivers, but I already had the latest drivers installed. I eventually fixed the problem by changing some of the ai’s into spawners. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

in my first sp-map i have the same amount of npc's as in my second sp map, and i never had any trouble with playing the first sp-map.

are there more people who have this trouble, or does anybody have any suggestion?