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30th April 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I'm {*Hollywood*}, the leader of the C.H.A.O.S (Chemical Hazard And Origins Station) modification for Half Life 2. I thought I would inform you also that the mod Opposing Shepard and my mod C.H.A.O.S are helping each other out, so you could say we have "joined forces". C.H.A.O.S is set in the near future with the main charater being a man named Cameron Winter. Cameron Winter, a clouded past filled with mystery. Always having the same nightmare over and over again at night. One day, his mind will start to unlock, today...is that day. With the government after you, who is their to trust? You can't do this on your own, but who will help you, who will you trust? Eventually Cameron will be able to obtain certain powers that will upgrade in time that will give him the upper hand in battle such as possibally having an enemy glow red, then explode, having gibs going everywhere. Here is our forums if you wish to have a look: http://s13.invisionfree.com/chaosmod/index.php?act=idx Feature's *Dismemberment: All characters will be able to be dismembered, allies and foe's. *New characters: New characters ranging from Futuristic Commando's to the alien Skracta's. *New weapons: New weapons such as the ABP Laser Pistol and the AMG22 Smartgun. *Powers: Powers that will advance as you go through the game, making them more powerful and changing the side affects to give you an edge in battle, but some of the side affects can be quite nasty. *Worlds and Plains: Travel to differnt worlds and plains to discover your true meaning. ***More coming possibly Jobs:

  • # Co-Leader
  • # Concept Artists *
  • # 3D modelers *
  • # Skinners *
  • # Texture Artists
  • # Music Artist's/DJ's
  • # Animator's
  • # Assistant Moderator (For the forum)
  • # Coder's

*Two pieces of work are required for the jobs with asterisk's (*) next to them. So far this is what we need, we may need more than one person at a job also. If your interested, send me an email at [email="HughJhass35@gmail.com"]HughJhass35@gmail.com[/email] or if I haven't cleared something up or you just want to talk, my MSN is [email="HughJhass35@hotmail.com"]HughJhass35@hotmail.com[/email]. I am not hollywood I am killerkallerant, the mapper. So please help!