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20th May 2004

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ABOUT Catachan Wars is a science fiction tactical strategy modification for Half-Life 2 in the first-person view depicting warfare between galactic empires. Gameplay involves players competing in activities ranging from managing planetary economies to research and technology development. Using ships as primary tools for galactic conquest, diplomacy, and colonization, players are immediately immersed in a rich universe of mystery and appeal. The unique nature of Catachan Wars allows player to choose a pattern of gameplay suited to their individual style and talents. Players interested only in combat and conquest can immediately pursue such ventures using powerful weapons and ships. Those more interested in research and economic development can also find a home within the Catachan Wars universe by developing a peaceful empire matured within trade and diplomacy. Through the diversity of a rich universe, expansive story and eight unique races, players are guaranteed an enjoyable gaming experience every time. STORY A turning point in the history of the Molarin race came at a time when humans were still scattered across Earth’s surface in mostly nomadic tribes and just beginning to experiment with agriculture. The Molarin already several centuries more advanced than present day humanity, came across a galactic relic which would turn out to be of tremendous importance. They discovered a device in a wide extra-planar orbit around their sun, and apparently built with a far greater technology than their own. The device was an interstellar jumpgate – a porthole through which ships could pass and end up in a completely different part of the galaxy. Needless to say, this revolutionized space travel for the Molarin. They couldn’t go anywhere, since the jumpgate seemed to be preset for one and only one location. But upon entering their first new star system, they discovered two more jumpgates. And through these, still more! Distances that would previously have taken years or even thousands of years to cover could now be traversed almost instantaneously. They began to explore this complex network of jumpgates, and discovered vast new worlds with resources to help feed their growing civilization. The Molarin flourished as never before. Scientists tried continuously to reverse engineer the technology of the jumpgates, to figure out how they worked, but to no avail. Another turning point came when the technology was taken completely out of their hands. Gigantic ships appeared, attached themselves to the jumpgates, and destroyed them before the Molarin could even make any attempt to communicate with the unseen invaders. The Molarin ships were too slow to follow, and all they could do was watch the stranger’s speed off into uncharted remote parts of the galaxy before they disappeared entirely. This was an immense blow. A dozen Molarin colonies were now effectively cut off from each other and from the home world. The Molarin were not satisfied to lead the comparatively isolated existence that they were now forced into. They put all of their resources into reinventing the technology. Only after centuries of fervent research and discouraging setbacks were they able to reunite the colonies and resume their interstellar exploits. Never again did they encounter the race of ancient, technological wizards whose artifacts had spurred them on. Eventually, the Molarin encountered various other intelligent races on the cusp of space travel. They bestowed upon these races the knowledge of the jumpgates, wishing to develop a galactic community of races. Posistions Availible Coders Concept Artists Modelers Skinners Sound Artists Animators Mappers 2D Artists Webdesigner Contact MSN: [email=""][/email] Mail: [email=""][/email] I have been working real hard lately on this modification I currently have a full design document, which itself is around 29 pages long. This may sound impossible, but I have a very detailed idea on how it will work. I have put alot of work into this, and the last thing I would want to see is for it not to come true. If someone is very interested in helping, and has of alot expirence, then please contact me. //Dan Milligan