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15th May 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Citadome is still up and running, ladies and gentlemen. We are still hard at work creating a diverse and unique horror experience in which to immerse the player in. We are building a whole new organic ecosystem in which each species of creatures needs each other to survive, like a circle of life. Every creature is being designed to have its own functions, qualities, traits, abilities and will interact with the player in different ways and levels depending on the creatures passive or agressive moods and how the player behaves with it. Things are steadily moving at a comfortable pace despite the need for everyone to go out in the summer heat. Every teammate is providing excellent quality work and putting in their share of ideas and designs. Besides the singleplayer aspect of the game, a multiplayer version is being thought up and under tight wraps. More information on the storyline can be found on the CITADOME website at: However, the CITADOME Development Team still needs help. We are sending an all-out public announcement in an attempt to recruit valuable members who will add richness and depth to our current team. We are seeking talented people to fill in these positions: *CODERS We currently pocess one coder, but we are looking for more coders to engage in teamwork to tackle tough coding assignments. Full tech details, resources and information will be provided to those coders who qualify and are chosen. *MODELLERS We need at most 2 more modellers to tackle tough modelling jobs with our current modellers. Modelling jobs include creature modelling, weapon modelling, etc. *SKINNERS We are currently only searching for organic skinners. Organic skinners tasks include, but are not limited to: -Skinning creatures and NPCs according to what the Mod Leader and Concept Artists/Art Direction believe is suitable to add more depth and realism to the game. Knowledge of unwrapping, and normal mapping/bumpmapping a plus. *ANIMATOR We are currently searching for any people that involve themselves with model animation. Their tasks would involve creating realistic animations for creatures, NPCs, and weaponry. *CONCEPT ARTIST Any Concept Artists that qualify and are chosen will assist the Lead Concept Artist with design duties as well as Art Direction. Concept Artists will provide rough drafts, sketches, inked versions and/or painted versions of creature, vehicle, npc, level and weapon designs. So, head on over to our website and apply today! Do not be intimidated! You will never know if you have the quality and skills we are looking for until you apply today for our team! Also, head on over to our spanking-new FORUMS on our website and start the chatter! For more information, go to: Be on the lookout for updates on the progress of our mod soon! Thank you for your time, The CITADOME Development Team


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#2 13 years ago

man, cool mod. i myself are looking for modders, the adress there is if you know anyone with skills plz send them there, thank you