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11th December 2004

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#1 16 years ago

hello all, i have a few SP maps that i want to link together to form a small campaign, like in HL2. could somebody please answer the following questions: 1. how do i link up some maps to form a continous campaign? 2. i want to add a small briefing at the start of each level. is there any way i can just add a small pane of text at the start. like in HL2 how they have the name of the level eg. our benefactors etc. if someone could answer these simple questions then thanks. seya. capiche



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31st December 2004

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#2 16 years ago

[color=navy][/color]I would also like to make maps like these. I can only give you one answer for one of the questions. When you make a map and you want a briefing like the chapter titles in HL2 I think you goto your toolbar>map>map properties this will bring up a window Here you can go through and setup a chapter title message which would be way easier for a small briefing like 'Mission: Destroy the striders' You can also get the level to fade in like you woke up somewhere or you simply just want to add the cool effect. With the Fade Pixels and other tool like the Max Occulear area or whatever those are DO NOT MESS WITH THEM I HAVE ALREADY TRIED THIS WILL SCREW YOUR MAP OVER!!! Anyways I gotta eat I will give more later :D