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#1 13 years ago

hi all, might be a silly question, but is there anyway of having your custom skin online whilst palying counterstrike source. At the mo, obviously, only i can see my skin patches but my mate got me thinking. He doesnt like my bloodyhands mod or my camo skin. He sees all the c-ts as normal, bland green skin. however he can c my bloody hands when he sees me on the map?! any ideas why this is? can u replace the actual urbantemp.vtf file in the main directory rather then inserting it into the 'materials' folder for the mod to work? any feedback would be great. cheers SCKiller



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#2 13 years ago

The hands you see (your arms in the game) are disembodied arms (not attached to a body) and the hands your friend sees (you running around) are part of a model. They don't share anything other than the fact that they're arms. If your friend tells you that he can see your skin and he does not have it in his files, he's giving you a load of crap. The only way for him to see it would be if you gave him the file and he installs it. Skins DO NOT need to have their own mod folder. They are supposed to be placed in the materials folder in their proper folder (terror-urban).