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31st December 2005

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[COLOR=Black]Hello I am Aaron a.k.a tkaza lead designer and mapper for [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Dark Source.

[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]Dark Source is a game i have been working on for some time now. We have had a few news posts on hl2 files and moddb. Just though pimping here would give us a idea on how people think it is comming and can give ideas about the game. Here goes.

[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black] [/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]Dark Source is a modern survival horror mod being created on two distinctly different engines Quake 2 and HL² Source.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]Set in the near future the world has become overrun buy crime and murder with desperation the world government creates a project to create a drug to control the crime and murder but something goes wrong... [/COLOR][COLOR=Black]Game Features New Graphics - Working heavily on the source engine we plan to push it to the limits with new features and improved graphics.

New Models - A complete new set of models everything from props to characters to weapons and tools will be created. Dismemberment - Players can dismember all other characters. Destructible Environment - Players can break and destroy things and then use as weapons. No HUD - It is up to you to learn about the equipment you use, and how it works. II System - You will not have a HUD, Your In game Interface or II will be used for all the info you need to know, use it for communicating, sharing weapons ammo or information on the fly with team mates. Multiplayer Co-Op - Play the single player campaign with a friend + more...


[/COLOR][COLOR=Black] -Is this a zombie mod? No this is a survival horror mod taking elements from the movies such as dawn of the dead. -This mod is based in the future why are you using old style weapons? With no money there are no more advancements in technology. So the weapons are the same as you can get at a gun store today. -Why are the maps so dark? The maps are dark for a number of reasons primarily to fit the theme and style of the game. Also when our other game features are implemented they will be used as our first testing grounds. -Will this be stand alone or will there be a standalone version? Yes there is a stand alone version based on the quake engine.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]The source based modification you will need Half Life² to play it. [/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]

Back Story

The year 2010 was a year many will remember as being the day the world stood still, as the last of the fossil fuel and oil resources dry out, the world is faced with a dim future as crime and murder breaks out. While the rich try to get the last drops of the precious resource, the average Joe suffers with no transport they loose there jobs and turn to a life of crime to support there families. Thought the world the crime worsens with once superpower economies crumbling under the struggling population and continual riots leaving the countries army and security forces in ruin. The year 2013 with crumbling economies worsening and even more out breaks of crime the UGT (United Governments Treaty) is established allowing the sharing of resources and economical funding thought out the world. After more than 4 years from the world’s largest single failure of government economies the UGT has started to make a impact to the quality of life of billions of citizens however crime and murder still at a all time rise the UTG creates a secret project to create a drug that will control the spread of crime through the world. A team of scientist, doctors and physicists of the highest caliber including your self have been hired and sent deep under London to produce the drug named “Source” their work starts immediately. The year is 2015 and the drug is ready for human testing, a group of the most violent criminals has been moved to the labs for testing and evaluation. Your day starts today…

Website www(dot)darksourcegame(dot)com

Attached is some of our media

Note We are looking for more members if you would like to join please pm me your application [/COLOR]


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7th April 2005

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