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8th August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

Fear, fear is of the unknown. Fear is usually felt when you are uncertain of what is round the corner. Deep down under the sea is a vast expanse which has only been 1% explored and plays host to many thousands of wierd, wonderful and dangerous creatures. So why dont mods forget the skies and head for the seas into the unknown. Perhaps a story- The storm raged above topside as Dave Farrow began to descend on a 30minute journy down to the Aqua Corp. research facilitie situated in the middle of the abyssal plain. The sea churned as the gale force winds bombarded the surface disurbing silt and sediment making visability even poorer. A black shape of what looked like a large dorsal fin moved sleekly past the small submersables window, the lights on the submarine dipped a little followed by an abrupt power failiure. A few seconds later and a few bangs on the engine later and the submersable was on the way down again. The lights flashed back on to reveal a breath taking aquatic metropolis thriving in the most secluded area in the world.