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I didn't make it!

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#1 15 years ago

I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE DOORS BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND ONE FREAKIN' TUTORIAL ON THE SUBJECT AND I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT AND I'M FREAKING OUT BECAUSE IT'S ANNOYING THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!! So if anyone could direct me to a good door-making tutorial or a tutorial that explains all methods of room connecting that would be great, thx 4 your time.


LoL wtf, a medical shark?

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25th June 2005

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#2 15 years ago

You dont sound like a 17 year old :S? anyways HERE or perhaps HERE Your choise?


I didn't make it!

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#3 15 years ago

A. The first link didn't work B. The second link told me to use google which I had used long before I started this thread and could not find anything that helped my problem C. Your 14, your nor even old enough to buy ANY M-rated game, let alone play one, so don't go laughing at me because you lack the maturaty level to actually help someone. D. You spelled choice wrong.