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#1 13 years ago

Website: http://www.dreamscapemod.com/ ModDB Profile: http://mods.moddb.com/5569/ Interview: http://features.moddb.com/180/ Email: [EMAIL="canuck@dreamscapemod.com"]canuck@dreamscapemod.com[/EMAIL] Title: Dreamscape: Pin Point Blank Team: Lucid Thought Productions Target Aim: 3rd Person Single-Player Half-Life 2 Total Conversion Looking for: Texture Artist, Mapper, Machinima creator, Concept Artist, and Coder.


Hi there. :) My name is Canuck. I'm the programmer and assistant lead for this project. We are currently looking to fill a number of vacant positions:

Texture Artist

  • Should be able to create realistic textures that will be used in the our levels.
  • Should be familiar with Source texture compiling or willing to learn.
  • Should have texturing experience and must provide us with several samples.
  • Must be willing to take and give constructive criticism.
  • Source experience a big plus.


  • Should be very familiar with the Hammer editor. (minimum 1 year of experience)
  • We prefer mappers who can model and skin their own props.
  • We prefer mappers who are familiar with the entity system.

Concept Artist

  • Must have good knowledge of color, light, and form.
  • Should be able to do descriptive quick sketches, as well as high quality finished work.
  • Must have knowledge of human form and proportions.
  • Must show several peices of example work.
  • A digital drawing tablet is a plus, but not required.
  • Familiarity with Adobe Photoshop and/or Corel Painter is a plus, but not required.

Machinima Creator

  • Should be familiar with the Valve scene coreography tools.
  • Must provide example work.

Background Story: Dreamscape be a visceral, vibrant, and unforgiving roller coaster of violence and wit. You’ll encounter the monsters of the underworld, and fight to understand why the treachery of your life has begun spiraling again into a fierce blood soaked corpse parade, seemingly held in your honor. It’s all happening for a reason, Fate? Karma? Who knows, just deal with it. Kill or be killed, because in Dreamscape there is no room to hesitate. You might not get a second chance.


  • The entire experience is in 3rd-person.
  • Brand new HUD. It contains the following items: * Sanity level indicator. * Locational damage. * Blood meter. * Misc. message area. * Radar.
  • This mod will consist of 7 unique maps, with a total of 12 levels altogether.
  • Perform Stealth Kills.
  • Point Blank Mode - This modifiable melee mode will allow you to control your melee attacks with extreme precision. You will be able to do the following manuevres: * Grab enemies and choke them. * Hand-to-hand combat, including punching and kicking.
  • This is a true to life game, with many plot twists.
  • Pin Point System - Depending on which location you are shot, your player will suffer accordingly. For example, if you are shot in the arm, you will not able to perform stealth kills or hold two-handed weapons.
  • Sanity Level - This indicates how sane the player is. There are several factors that affect your sanity. If the player becomes completely insane, he will commit suicide.
  • Buy and Sell - Throughout the game, you will be able to talk to many friendly NPCs. You will also be able to buy and sell items from them through the Buy and Sell Menu. This is an interesting experience on its own, because their is a certain amount of strategy involved in buying and selling items. The best comparison to this would be Madden's signings of free agents. But it's a bit more in-depth.
  • Nightvision goggles.
  • Over 20 Weapons.
  • Drive Vehicles.
  • HDR Ready.


th_water_31870.jpgth_game_nightvision.jpgth_game_fullHUD.jpg th_render.jpgth_head.jpgth_side.jpg th_rendersledgehammer.jpgth_m5901ea.jpg



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#2 13 years ago

looking good, personally i like first person mutch more as third person, but that's personal. i can't join your team as level designer because i'm working on my second sp- mappack with 9 maps. still, i hope you get it all together to make your mod, and that every body stays until it's released. because mutch to often you see fantastic mods starting, to hear never again from them. that's a shame, all that work for nothing. so, good luck and hope you succeed!!