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#1 16 years ago

DED, a futuristic multiplayer team combat modification for half-life two is currently looking for staff. DED Site

a few features:

•Three Unique Teams Something for everyone, choose from the futuristic GEC, millitaristic NMO or back to basics Punks and use each sides unique weapons and vechiles to defeat the others.

•Massive range of weapons and equiptment From assualt rifles, laser cannons and shields to jeeps, mobile artillery and main battle tanks. both contemporary and fictional weapons and vechiles.

•Unique multiplayer Campaign Mode battle over several linked maps, the outcome of each map effecting the outcome of the campaign, strongly objective based maps.

•Points System Earn experience points for your actions in the field to unlock new class specific abilities and equiptment. be rewarded for being a worthy addition to your team.

•Two Stamania Systems physical stamania limits a users ability to run, jump etc for a prolonged period, while skill stamania limits use of class specific abilities. For example a communications officer is limited by the number of airstrikes he may request in a given time, no stamania, no strike.

•Timed Spawning No more waiting around for counterstrike style rounds to end, nor killing someone only to see them respawn a second later. spawns are carefully timed to balance gameplay and fun.

•Call on off-map resources need a tank? radio one in from a friendly transport helicopter, enemy trench blocking your progress? request an orbital bombardment and wipe them off the map.

We are looking for staff with prior modding experience but are willing to allow for some learning curve. If you have any intrest please contact the acting team leader Dan Mattia through our website about your expertise. DED is a large project and chances if you have a skill we need it.

ARsmall.jpg just to get you intrested heres a quick concept of one of our (many) weapons, more on site and more coming soon



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#2 16 years ago

Welcome. Please take the time to read the sticky. :)


I didn't make it!

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#3 16 years ago

Thanks I did take a look at it and think ive covered the points in it as much as i can. I didnt mention my position as I'm currently taking some time off from the mod (so much for that :D) I'm the mods founder, co-team leader and concept writer and artist.