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29th January 2004

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#1 13 years ago

Before you read this first section and think "oh no not another mod" hear it out and look at our progress so far. We don't plan on failing, and we've had some pretty rough times lately..

I just thought I'd get that off my chest as many people say our aims are too high or something similiar.

Anyway, first of all, read what info there is so far (still in some of the planning stages as far as storyline goes), plenty of images to gaze at and get an idea of our developers talents.

http://www.eforcemod.net http://www.eforcemod.net/forums

Now that all the formalities are out of the way, on to more pressing issues.

We're in need of the following:

Animator (Preferrably worked with Half-Life 1 but not essential)

2 Modellers, one in Character and/or Vehicle modelling and one weapons modeller. If you can do all of the above, great, but we prefer to use the talent you have. So if you're best at Vehicles and prefer doing them, that's what we're most likely to ask you to do.

1 model skinner, must know how to UVWrap as our current skinner can't, but he's a great skinner :)

1 texture artist, for making map textures. Our maps are huge and mainly in urban/snow area's so if you work well with these two in terms of making textures, feel free to drop by our forums and post your stuff.

We WILL consider applicants from other departments, but these are our priority for the time being.

Regards, Nemor. Mod Leader & Modeller for E-Force, a Half-Life 2 modification.

[email="will_russell@hotmail.com"]will_russell@hotmail.com[/email] for MSN/E-Mail purposes. Please, don't waste our time if you're just starting out, we're interested only in people who at least have a little knowledge in the development of modifications (even if your modifications have just been a cool replacement model for an existing mod for example)