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#1 12 years ago

E-TCW_MRBanner.jpg Well, we are a little later with the latest Media Release from our Design Crew. There has been a lot of real work and studies getting in the way of this mod, which includes the multiple system failures we seem to experiencing. (A good excuse for us to update out workstations... lol) So we have a couple of new additions to the Design Crew: trip1701 a modeller from Croatia, Croesus, a very professional voice actor who is currently working on another Star Trek mod as well... you can hear a voice demo here: VOICE OVER DEMO (Hope he doesn't mind) and Zach, he will be assisting us on the music front. Zach also runs the site called Haling Frequency, which we were happy to be apart of his latest episode with a very detailed and gruelling interview. Listen to it here: =/\= Direct Download Link =/\= (Right Click and Save Target As) and make sure you visit their main website: http://www.hailingfrequency.co.uk/ Now, we only have a couple of images this release, of the Ice Moon map. We are keeping one of the new maps under wraps until new release. thumb_50187.jpg thumb_50186.jpg thumb_50184.jpg thumb_50185.jpg And we have a quick video for you guys to check out as well... VIDEO That is about it for this media release. Sorry it is only small, but there is a lot on the go here including a vast amount of coding by Bytrix and zwakstroom with the HUD, weapons, hypospray etc. We are working hard to produce this mod and hope to have a couple of base maps out to our eagerly awaiting Beta Crew shortly. Until next time, "How many Klingon's does it take to change a light bulb?"... "2! One to beat the light socket into submission and the other to threaten the bulb with a brutal and agonising death if it does not comply with the Klingon Empire!"