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Star Trek: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War --- 24th April, 2153 A day that become indelible in humanity's history. The day when the first Xindi probe reached Earth... ...and launched a devastating beam of energy, killing seven million people. When humanity learned that its own existence is at stake... ...as it becomes clear that the Xindi probe was just a prototype, and the construction of a more powerful weapon is underway... ...and that the goal of the Xindi's is not determent... ...but the destruction of the whole human race... ...and Earth. The Enterprise NX-01, the flagship of the fledgling Starfleet, the first long-range exploration vessel of humanity, is called back to Earth only to leave it once again for her most dangerous mission so far... Based on a highly unreliable source of information, she has to enter the Delphic Expanse, a dangerous and uncharted area of space, and has to find the perpetrators of the sudden attack... But besides the Xindis and various anomalys throughout this extremely dangerous area, the hardened crew of Earth's first Warp-5 capable space vessel has to face with an even more dangerous threat... ...temporal agents... ...trying to sabotage Captain Archer's mission. --- "Star Trek: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War" (or E:TCW for short) is based, as its namesake implies, on the latest installment of the Star Trek saga, "Enterprise". The mod's story is set between the second and third seasons of the series, after an alien probe launched a surprise attack against Earth, killing seven million innocent people. "Starfleet", the fledgling organization of humanity's space exploration, recalls all of mankind's starships, and orders them to defend Earth - including Enterprise, Earth's first Warp-5 capable starship, which is therefore the only human ship during the story which can travel through the enormous distances between solar systems within a reasonable time. After the origin of the attackers becomes clear (thanks to an unknown and unreliable source), and humanity learns that the Xindi builds a much more powerful weapon to destroy Earth, Enterprise is refitted, and following a couple of Intrepid-class scout-ships, enters the "Expanse", the suspected home of the attackers. The demo that is being planned now is set in the refit dock itself, while the main mod is set 6 weeks after the Enterprise entered the Expanse. At the moment, the single-player part of the mod is under development, but a multi-player co-op style game-play mode is also planned. Fans of Star Trek probably ask the question: what species will be featured in the mod? Well, as the mod is set in a period that had not appeared in the series, it was decided to add a couple of species that no one has seen before (and are therefore designed by the team itself), but the mod's players will also encounter with already existing Trek species, including Andorians and Klingons. There is one more thing regarding the story that deserves more detail, namely the "Temporal Cold War". It is a special conflict within the series which is based on the fight between various temporal factions, whose main goal is to change (or preserve) the timeline to be able to strenghten their influence and power in times to come, and at the same time, weaken the rival factions. These so-called "temporal agents" will consist an important part of the mod, and will show up to try and effect the time-line when it is the least expected or wanted. Sometimes their goal is to sabotage the ship, sometimes to support Enterprise in her quest. Whether these temporal agents will appear as "map-bosses" or not is yet undecided. The events in the mod will effect the whole timeline of the series, or will be woven into it, so the events that took place in the mod will not disturb the Enterprise series storyline in any way. As the mod is set in an unknown 6-week-period, we will introduce some of the other temporal factions not seen in the series to spice up the game-play. The usable weapons will also remain faithful to the series. It will consist of the standard Starfleet issue weaponry, (including a stun baton, stun grenades, phase pistols and the MACO phase rifle) and also several alien weapons, including the well-known Klingon disruptor. The player will also be able to use the communicator, and the scanner-like tricorder in various missions, just like the map props, as it can be done in Half-Life 2. The Enterprise herself will be completely built for total exploration. In between major missions of the mod, you will be given the opportunity to roam around the ship and even be able to store items that you have collected during the previous mission in your own quarters. The mod will be released in an episodic format, as it suits the series perfectly. Whether the next episode will be released or not will depend on the response from the modding public and Star Trek fans. But, after the major release, the entire map set will be included with a bonus pack that will allow anyone who wants to mod E:TCW to produce their own maps and missions. The 13th Media Update of the mod was just released. Here is a brief excerpt of the newly released material: Bridge_01_thumb.jpg Bridge_02_thumb.jpg TPol_01_thumb.jpg Desktop_1280x1024_02_E-TCW_thumb.jpg CaptainSource, the leader of the mod, has also edited a teaser video. You can view it here: ENT_Demo_29-05-07_thumb.jpg Or on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDCJjLM9Ohg The full Media Release can be viewed in ModDB, or in the Forum of the developers. As it was stated earlier, E:TCW is made by a group of talented developers for free in their spare time. The main rule of modification development is that one can never have enough people working on a project like that. :-) The same applies to this mod as well. So, if you have found the mod interesting, and would like to contribute in its making, and are experienced in Programming, Animating or Texturing, please contact us on our forum in the "Recruitment" section! Thank you for your attention, if you are interested in the mod, please visit the site here, and vote for "Star Trek: Enterprise - Temporal Cold War" at ModDB! Thank you for your attention! Live long and prosper! :-)