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12th November 2003

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#1 13 years ago

As Some of you may have heard, The Somme Valley has changed it's name and URL to Flanders Fields (revolving around the famous war poem and battle field, In Flanders Fields).

Flanders Fields is a World War One modification for Half-Life 2, revolving around battles from the entire war (from 1914 until 1918), placing you in the shoes of either a Commonwealth (British, Canadian, ANZAC [Australia - New Zealand Army Corps]), French, or German infantryman, machinegunner (light and heavy), or officer. Flanders Fields is based on realism, utilizing locational damage, wind (to affect gas attacks), realistic stamina, iron sighting, and realisticly modeled and attributed weaponry of the period.

Much team restructuring is taking place, and we need some skilled members to fill in the gap, including the following:

- Character Unwrapper & Skinner - Level Designer - Texture Artist - Weapons Animator - Character Animator - Sound Engineer

We offer a fair and friendly working environment, with no harsh deadlines (unless people start slacking, but if that's the case they don't usually last much longer), free web space for your personal files, @flandersmod.com e-mail or e-mail forward, full access to all internal and beta releases, and full recognition of your work for the project. All reference material is provided for you to work from (so as you don't need to hunt for yourself for, in some cases, very rare materials).

To learn more information on Flanders Fields, you can visit our site at http://www.flandersmod.com, ask a question on our Message Boards at http://www.flandersmod.com/forum/, or stop in at our IRC channel - http://www.flandersmod.com/irc.shtml.

I look forward to seeing some new faces around, whether it be applying for a staff position, or just lending your support; every little bit helps :)