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#1 16 years ago

Hello there! I haven't seen FF mentioned on these boards so I thought I'd spread the word about our HL2 Mod. Fortress Forever is a Team Fortress modification for HL2 made by a team of independent gamers from the TFC communities around the world. Planning started over a year ago and production started upon the release of HL2. We're making good progress with the game although we haven't set a release date yet. Here are some thumbs of work we have completed so far - head over to the media section of our website for fullsize pictures. ff_shutdown2_1.jpg pyro_concept2.jpgsniperrifle_render.jpg ff_crossover_1.jpgff_uno_1.jpg emp_render.jpg There are regular news updates with info on new media and big developmentson the main news page. More specific info can be been found on our friendly forums here.


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Neato. :moved:

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cool.....i like has been booked marked

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wow, i like it. A LOOOOT!!!