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#1 13 years ago

Team name: FrontlineForce Project name: FrontlineForce:Classic Brief description: FrontlineForce was originaly released in 2000 for HL by Adrian "Pink" Finol (now with VALVe Software). The mod is a first person shooter which promotes teamwork in a FAST paced quick respawn environment. Standing still or camping will only get you killed.

Target aim: We plan to release FronlineForce:Classic as a free download, but may go retail when a solid version is complete. Compensation: Payment DOE Technology: FLF has continually developed over the years, and is now moving to the HL2 source engine.

Talent needed: Coder/Programmer Extensive knowledge of HL2 SDK and AI NPCs and/or Bots a big plus.. Must know C++ and be readily available for the next few months.

3D Modeler Knowledge of creating static and phys models for use in Source maps. Must be proficient in 3DS Max, Maya or MilkShape and the ability to unwrap textures for skinning. Team structure: CURRENT TEAM Jeff "SunSpot" Russo - Project Lead - Mapping - Textures Tony "omega" Sergi - Lead Programmer - Mod Encyclopedia

Frank "JohnnyQwest" Rapoza - Co Team Leader - Lead Graphic Artist - Textures

Chris "Fellow.Canadian" Hansford - Website Design - FAQ & Manual

Tammy "Harley" Lee - Public Relations

Ildegardis "Deimos" Briceño - Graphic Artist - Modelling

Jorge "Nava" Nava - Modelling

Alex “Rushin Russian” Kiyantsev - Modelling

Richard "Devious" Haworth - Mapping

Justin "Critikill" Williams - Mapping - Modelling & Graphic Design

Tristan "Spamdini" Borys - Mapper

Christian "Captain-Schrotti" H. - Sound Design

Benedikt "Phox" Kleber - Graphic Artist - Modelling Website: or

Contacts: Please contact [email][/email] or [email][/email] for any enquiries. Additional Info: We have a new Development team, Website, and some really nice refinements in work. We have 3 "remake" maps completed so far, and expect to have 3 more soon; improved player models, hitboxes, etc. along with a fresh new look. Stop into our site and download the teaser video, and very soon there will be a number of screenshots and other media to go over as well.