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6th June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Now to begin with dont think that I'm a big modder person, this is just a mod I've conjured, but based on the Half Life 2 campaign. And just something I wish to discuss with anyone else that has thought of it.

When I finished playing HL2, I'd have to say that my favourite thing in the enitre game was the, urban warfare. You had a little squad of 5 including yourself and shot up combine forces in this streetlike warfare, it just made you feel like you were part of a much larger war. When HL2:DM came out it was good but, not what I wished in a HL2 MP game.

What I was hoping was a MP game that resembled that warfare that occured at the end of the campaign. I think it would have been much more fun had the MP game have been Humans v. Combine in an all out brawl in the streets of City 17. None of this gravity gun crap, you only spawn with a few guns and cannot have every gun in the game. Hell maybe even vehicles could be used, hooning around in a combine car in the streets of City 17, sounds pretty appealing. It could even have been classed based with each class having their own purpose and inventory. But the main thing that gets my heart racing is the setting, everything in City 17, the screets, the urban mayhem, shooting from rooftops , the outside air (lol) I'm not asking someone to make a mod for ME, I'm just trying to raise awareness, and determine whether or not a mod such as this in the making. If I could mod, damn I'd do it in a second.


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27th November 2005

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#2 14 years ago

Um...Halflife2 deathmatch? lol