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Half Life 2: WarZone

Half Life: Warzone is a Real-Time Strategy total conversion for Half Life 2. This isn’t your typical half-life 2 modification. Warzone is taking Half-life to another level and that level is every RTS player’s dream. In Warzone, the player will take control of one of three factions in the Half Life universe: The Synth Combine, the Xen, or the Human Resistance. Commanding an army all to his or her own. Consisting of gathering resources and fighting your way to victory. The player will wage war against other players and AI opponents, fighting for the ultimate control. As you begin the game, each faction being different, will have a top down view of the war zone. Building a base at your own pace, WarZone will have multiple buildings you can decide to build. Each one with its unique ability and functionality, once placed, it will take affect and be ready for your use. As you find yourself building and advancing your way to whatever your demise, you will be met with a decision to stand and fight, or run. Once the battle begins, it is any mans battle, but whatever happens, watch your surroundings and be aware.

With WarZone we are shooting for a total immersive, well-balanced, and of course, incredibly fun gaming experience. Our focus is to give the player a good understanding of the half-life universe and for each player, will bring you to the war zone you’ve only seen from a distance. The only question I have for you is… Are you ready for Half-life: WarZone..!!

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website: http://hlwarzone.hl2files.com/index.php

Current phase : Internal alpha
We are looking for talented:
If you are interested please post in our join forum or send an email to our leaders . Mention previous experience , and show some work
Regards , the Warzone team:
Surpico- Mod Leader / Sound Designer

PhoenixRisinG - Mod Leader / Mapper / GFX {james}- Web Master / Flash Maker / Recruiter Fragger- Modeling Vincent- Concept Artist PsYbUrKnEhTiK- Musician dDG 007- Art / Skinner Shatner- Coder Angry Lawyer- Coder Contributer denreaper- Coder Exitus- Coder / Modeling cerberus- Concept Art dtdesign- Mapper Golden_315- Recruiter