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I didn't make it!

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#31 14 years ago

Oh yeah halo is overrated and sucks cock too


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26th April 2004

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#32 14 years ago

Darkness_is that kind of language and behauviour is not tolerated here. Go somewhere else if you want to continue idiocy..

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#33 14 years ago
Gunner The gunnerNo you cannot use halo's content at all. you canot take things from halo and put them in other games. Eving if you just rip one texture from halo and put it in half life 2 or something you are breaking about 3 laws., If you wan't to make a halo source you must make your own model and skin.

Good lord, Gunner, do you ever pay attention? I had enough of you at Halomods, but now you come here. = \ They're NOT ripping ANYTHING FROM Halo, they're recreating it themselves.