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#1 16 years ago

I created a basic map just to mess around with physics and such. It's a giant box with a light in the middle. I decided to cover the floor and a few feet farther up to make a large pool. When I followed a tutorial telling me how to do this, I compiled my map and ended up with water that reflects every texture around it. It looks like a mirror and reflects everything from textures to bits of my gun. When I dive under the water, it looks normal and behaves like normal water. It even does a splash when I push an oil drum into it. To do the map, I did the following:

1. Created a brush the size of my pool. 2. Highlighted and textured it with tools\nodraw 3. Textured the top face with aztec liquid. 4. Added an env_cubemap entity at a random point in my map.

If anyone can tell what this problem is and give me some instructions on how to fix it, I would be very thankfull. Thanks for reading.