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Hazardhounds is a unique and somewhat random cartoonish adventure game. After much self-deliberation I have decided to create it on the HL2 Source engine rather then the UT2004/2007 engine. Why? Who knows...

HH (Hazardhounds) is centered around each individual character's combat style. It is a third person action/adventure game with emphasis on an adventure single player with two different timelines, one for the Hazardhounds and one for the Peacehounds. There will be a variety of different multiplayer game modes each providing a unique experience.

Current Game Modes Include:

[INDENT]Arena: In arena, players must knock other players off of the map in order to achieve victory. As many players may contend as the map allows. Maps will be small and may include fall-traps, ledges, bottomless pits, etc... The last man standing is the victor. Timed: Players go all out in a timed battle royal. When the timer (a server set variable) is up, the player with the most Kills wins. Stock: It's a battle-royal. Whoever loses all of their lives (a server set variable), they lose. The last man standing is the victor. CTF: The Hazardhounds against the Peacehounds to capture the flag and return it to their base before the opposition does. Standard CTF rules. Duel: One on one, the loser returns to spectating and the next spectator in line enters the game. Once the kill limit (a server set variable) is reached, the game is over and the map will change.[/INDENT]

Peacehounds The Peacehounds are an emergency resistance group formed to stop the Hazardhounds and their goals of world domination. Though the name suggests differently, the Peacehounds are no strangers to the chaos and pandemonium that is war, they only want civilized order between the many factions of Earth.

[INDENT]Ugh` the Gorilla Warrior Chief Ugh` is the Chief of the Gorilla Warriors, a secret order of disciplined and powerful warriors. He wields his trademarked weapon, a large battle axe, into battle, slicing his opponents into pieces with powerful swings. Though he may attack slowly, Ugh` is without a doubt the fastest of the Gorilla Warriors. Tim the Toy Soldier Tim is the commander of the Green toy army. He is very kind-hearted and usually always confused about something. Despite his obvious flaws however, he is the toughest of the Green Toy Soldiers and though his weapon may be plastic, it can still cause excessive damage to those who oppose him. Bule the Ice Duelist of Arcana Bule is one of the five duelists of the Order of Arcana, a mystical order of magi and wizards. The order is unique in that they are constantly in a five-way civil war for control over the Throne of Arcana, which has not been occupied in centuries. Bule is the strongest of the Ice Clan. He wields ice-weaponry created by him as he needs them, and delivers ice-specializing attacks to his enemies. Har the Heroic Hare Har is a courageously stupid hare from the hills of Antedan. He is excessively compulsive and acts almost entirely on impulse. He is extremely quick and agile, though his attacks deal little damage compared to others. The only reason he is called heroic is because he doesn’t seem to ever think of the consequences of his actions, and because of this, he managed to defeat an entire army of invading insect-warriors as well as half of the hare army by accident.[/INDENT]

Hazardhounds The Hazardhounds are an alliance of pure hatred and evil intent, aiming at conquering the Earth as we know it and achieving world domination. Most of them hold no loyalty to the others, and are planning only to use the Hazardhounds’ alliances to further their own evil and villainous plots.

[INDENT]Chenk the Chinchilla Ninja Warrior Don’t let his size fool you. Chenk may be small but when the spirit of battle flows through his veins he becomes an unstoppable force of Ninja specialized attacks. He is definitely the strongest of the Chinchilla Ninja, stronger then even the Ninja Leader, Chenk’s brother Chong. Todd the Toy Solider Todd is Tim’s arch-nemesis and the commander of the Beige toy army. Unlike Tim, he is heartless and merciless in battle. He would gladly send his own troops to certain death to achieve victory. Der the Flame Duelist of Arcana Der is the Flame Duelist and leader of the Flame Clan in the Order of Arcana. He is powerful and very confident in his attacks. He wields a sword enchanted with the fire he conjures himself. He can also deal out a number of powerful flame-specialized attacks. Jack of the Box The evil toy that most children take for granted is finally free of his box. Don’t be fooled by his laughter, for he is really a maniacal super-villain with plans of world domination. He is extremely fast and a well-balanced fighter.[/INDENT]

More characters are currently in concept, I am planning to have at least eight on each team for a total of sixteen playable characters. If you have an idea, please feel free to contact me. My email address is given below.

Interested In Joining? We are currently in need of any type of developer (mapper, modeler, concept artist, public relations, coder, GFX artist, etc...). If you are interested at all in joining, please contact me at [email]nova@xerobound.com[/email] and I will give you a list of our requirements.

I can handle concept art, documentation, arena mapping, storyline writing, website creation, management, and hosting, character and game concepts, public relations, and project management (meaning I assign specific jobs to the developers), but I need more developers to handle everything else.

I am working on a website, and I am currently pending the registration of http://www.hazardhounds.com/.

Updates as they come, -HazardHounds.Nova